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‘Artefacts’ is a series that I dedicate to my late grandfather who I never knew. This series explores familial lineage and pieces from my history that juxtapose the modern settings of the present. The primary setting for this series took place in a junkyard because I wanted to play around with the idea of “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”.

This idea came to me when my father pulled out his old school Gameboy saying that he wanted to donate it. While I didn’t let him give that away, we had gone through a few boxes and spent a day loading old stuff and taking it over to Value Village. When we dropped the items off, I had a bitter sweet feeling because, while we had cleaned out a small portion of our things, I felt I was letting go of a huge part of my father and grandfather’s upbringing that I might have never known about had these physical pieces not been in my life.

In the images below, you will see some items from my past that I held onto, photographed in different areas of the junkyard (you will see the Gameboy somewhere in there too).

One of the images is of my grandfather’s stamp collection, which I purposely placed in a collection of old tires. My grandfather was a photographer and a collector, and I think that because of him, collecting old items (and then photographing them) has become significant and sentimental for me too.